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The Subtle Divine Knowledge Of Life 
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From The Book: "A Mystical Journey", 
By His Holiness M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen 
(may God be pleased with Him, and with Us)

Selection: A Prayer For Our Journey - By His Holiness 
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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim. In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate. I give you my love, my grandchildren, my sons and daughters. 

My brothers and sisters. All praise and praising belong to Allah alone, to God, the One of limitless grace, and incomparable love. He is the One who sees all lives with that amazing love, and protects all lives with His compassion, and His many qualities that never waver from justice or equality. 

God is a power. He has no form or shape. He is alone, and yet He is everywhere, existing as an eternal power that dwells in all lives, and sees them all as one. 

God is the One who creates, protects, and sustains. He is the one treasure for all of creation: for the earth and the sky, the sun and the moon, the body and the soul. He is the one treasure for life, for love, and for goodness. 

He knows the needs of every life, and feeds it accordingly. He is the supreme power who gives the milk of grace to all lives. That power called God is an ocean of grace that never diminishes, no matter how much is taken from it. 

He is an ocean of bliss, wisdom, love, and compassion. He is an ocean of divine knowledge, or 'ilm, from which each life can take whatever it needs for the freedom of its soul in all three worlds: the primal beginning known as awwal, this world of earth, or dunya, and the hereafter, or akhirah. 

This vast ocean contains the exalted treasures of all three worlds, and bestows them upon all creations, without partiality, without enmity, and without regard for individual innocence or guilt. 

The One who gives in that way, with compassionate love and grace, is the power know as God. This is the power we must turn to. This is the power we must look to with our wisdom, in order to acquire His qualities, and receive His wealth. 

We must strive to receive the life of grace, that comes from this power, and live our lives finding completeness within that grace. 

My children, if you strive with awareness, you can receive and develop wisdom, love, good qualities, and good actions. 

You must study and learn about the divine knowledge of life, that creates, protects, and sustains. You must understand both the state of Allah, and the state of a true human being or insan

You must know how the qualities of such a being can intermingle and become one with Allah's qualities. The children who do understand this subtle divine knowledge of life, are God's children of grace, the children of the perfect, pure kingdom. 

My children, if this kingdom is formed in your heart, and you rule it with absolute equality, showing no partiality whatsoever, and regarding nothing as God's equal. If this pure kingdom of the Lord of the universes, the Rabbil-'alamin, becomes the spotless house of your heart, then that heart will become His kingdom, and you will exist in the innermost heart of His heart, the qalb of His qalb. 

Once you open this kingdom within the heart, there you will find a house of mystery, a house without blemish, a house complete in Al-hamdu lillah, the endless and undiminishing praise of God. 

And when you look at this house, which you have built with His protection, and make into His house, you will see that this is heaven. This is paradise, the perfect and pure palace, of Allah's benevolence and undiminishing grace. 

In this house there will be no more darkness, torpor or differences. But if instead you build a house of envy, that house will become the hell in your life. 

My children, you must find this house of the innermost heart. You must know it to be absolute and real. Once you know that Allah's house is the qalb within your qalb, then your innermost heart will become the house of the hereafter here in this world. Amin. Amin. 

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